Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Antique Dresser Re-Finished

This Antique Dress was my Mother and Fathers. My Mother just gave it to me and after being opened and shut by 5 daughters and 1 Son its condition needed some love and care.
It was with great love that my husband stripped off the old varnish to see what wood was used in the construction of this 72 year old or older Dresser and since it was not a Fine Hardwood like Maple, Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Walnut. etc. I felt comfortable giving the Dresser a new look using all the origional hardware.
All we did was clean the pulls, which I felt fortunate they we still there after all the years and 6 children.

Mama, This Dresser is done in loving memory of your Love for your family. Mama is 90 years young and will be 91 in October. Love you Sarah

Igot a Treasury

I got a Treasury today May 27th come and view and enjoy

just click on the following link

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Welcome all Sellers and Buyers to the May 7th to May 10th First Week-End May Extravaganza Sale.

Your welcome to list your Shop in the Forum and join our TEAM ESST SPONSORED EXTRAVAGNZA SALE. All we ask you to do is advertise the sale in your shop announcement and post your items and bump the thread we have a good time and welcome all who want to participate. here is the link to the forum

I am looking forward to seeing lots of new Sellers and Buyers to this May 7th - 10th TEAM ESST Sponsored sale . Have a great time. judysnow